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Building the future of blockchain


Building the Future
Building the future of the Internet

FirstClass Co., Ltd. is located in Tokyo, Japan.

We are a group of outsourced teams composed of talents from the gaming and social networking industries.


It mainly provides various network technology development services for the industry, such as the design and calculation of the live broadcast platform, the rapid construction of the art market, and the introduction of social game network technology suggestions, services and solutions.

Different from general outsourcing companies, we are composed of international talents, so we are good at building multi-language projects. We are more than happy to provide technical cooperation for companies that intend to expand overseas.

The development of a single-language and multi-language structure is actually very different. Different language systems range from UI/UX, the length of the text is automatically adapted to the screen size, to the management of the operation background, such as publishing a message in Japanese, to presenting to The language layout of each country, the quality of the system design will be very different, a good design can make you do more with less and reduce the business burden of future operators. Therefore, when designing multilingual pages, be sure to choose an experienced development team to work with.

FirstClass Co., Ltd. will be your best choice.



  • Game/social service porting consultation and development plan

  • Live broadcast platform, cross-border CDN architecture design

  • ​Design of an online art trading platform

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